弁当食べてるときに写メとられて御幸がうわってなってるスキに除けてためといたグリーンピースをすかさず御幸の弁当に移す降谷~~~メガネに撮ってる人映そかなって思ってたけど忘れた 御幸がこのような顔するのは倉持だと思う


弁当食べてるときに写メとられて御幸がうわってなってるスキに除けてためといたグリーンピースをすかさず御幸の弁当に移す降谷~~~メガネに撮ってる人映そかなって思ってたけど忘れた 御幸がこのような顔するのは倉持だと思う




Adventure Time storyboard artist and writer Jesse Moynihan along with his brother musician and Adventure Time composer Justin Moynihan have created Manly in which they have described as “Silver Surfer meets Star Trek Next Generation, with the violence of Fist of the North Star and the tenderness of the Little Prince”.

Now stop reading the description and check it out for yourself!

so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a cartoon by jesse moynihan featuring a space chick named manly? truly the lord has answered my prayers

Far and near

I am all the Mysteries

From near and far

I am all the Mysteries

I am all the Mysteries in Creation

I am all the Mysteries in the World


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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately


Last night I jokingly asked nessi to make me a shinima bookmark AND SHE DID???????????????????!!!!!! I’VE BEEN WHEEZING NONSTOP SINCE I PRINTED IT OUT…. OMG I’M CRYING… IT’S SO CUTE… SO BL… I LOVE NESSI AND I LOVE SHINIMA…


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Flash animation in Ping Pong


Some people asked us about our special animation technique in the Ping Pong TV series.
In this short video you can see the “insides” of two scenes we worked on for the show.
Animators developed a new digital technique, in order to get slow movements, turnings and big zooms, that would have been very difficult in hand drawn animation.